DLG SHAPE is a majority Indigenous owned business that provides construction fitout and refurbishment services across Australia for both government and private sector clients.
Whilst a large proportion of our work is with Federal and State Governments, we bring spaces to life for a wide variety of end uses including offices; hospitals; educational facilities; hotels; retail; and, public use environments.

Two Leaders
One Vision

DLG SHAPE is the realisation of two companies – The David Liddiard Group and SHAPE Australia. Indigenous business owner David Liddiard and former SHAPE CEO, Michael Barnes are passionate about collaboration, opportunity and equality.


Both experts in their respective fields, their combined knowledge, experience, and like-minded values came together in 2016 to launch DLG SHAPE.


The David Liddiard Group (DLG) founded by David Liddiard, OAM, brings proven expertise in corporate engagement with Indigenous communities and projects.


SHAPE Australia has been delivering fitout and refurbishment projects for 30 years, with a strong corporate culture built on a constructive and egalitarian work environment.

Together, we share the vision of a more equitable Australia and Indigenous economic independence through employment and commercial activity.

Indigenous Engagement Commitment

We’re committed to increasing opportunities for Indigenous Australians within our company and procuring products and services from Indigenous companies.

We acknowledge the diversity of Indigenous people in Australia and strive to appreciate the needs of individuals, their communities and their relationship with the land.


We understand the importance of a good relationship with local Indigenous communities and our team works hard to identify and provide opportunities wherever possible.

We understand that mentoring and workplace coaching contributes to successful long-term employment and we will continue to provide this.  We promote respect and appropriate communication.